Bespoke Investments

Forea – a Finnish Investment Office

Our Approach

Forea is an independent Investment Office providing wealth management and investment advisory services.

Our firm was founded to fulfil the requirements of clients, who needed an independent specialist advisor to support them in wealth management. Our firm is built around three founding principles: expertise, transparency and full alignment of interests.

At Forea, we work in the interest of our clients. Our clients are our partners and they represent families, private persons and non-profit organizations across the Nordics.
We provide you access to privileged direct investment opportunities, co-investments and inclusive additional services with our network and global collaboration model.
We work with a long- term horizon and strive for providing the highest quality wealth management and financial services.

Shared value

Our mission is to support our clients in wealth management by offering them the best possible service, so that our clients can save time and money, while achieving their long – term goals in a timely, efficient, and best professional manner.

Our Team

  • Sami Helminen, Chief Operations Officer
  • Peter Klemola, Chief Client Officer
  • Perttu Tevanen, Chief Investment Officer
  • Toni Toivola, Client Support Operations
  • Tuomas Pärssinen, Client Support Operations
  • Claude Finckenberg, Senior Advisor, Chairman at Lifelearn
  • Olli Pohjanvirta, Senior Advisor, CEO at Ruscap
  • Raoul Konnos, Member of the Investment Committee, CFO at Fincap
  • Jukka Rannila, Senior Advisor, CEO at Assai
  • Juuso Mykkänen, Member of the Investment Committee, Chairman at JOM

Contact us

For more information, please contact us at:


Kanavaranta 7 E, 00160 Helsinki (HQ)