A Pioneering Finnish Family Office

Our Approach

Forea is an independent Multi-Family Office formed by experienced industry specialists and professionals from established businesses. We represent selective families, charities and foundations across the Nordics.

Our purpose is to support and help our clients in wealth management and investing over generations.  Our firm is built around people, values and our core principles of collaboration, aligned interests and expertise.

Forea is a specialist in wealth planning, wealth management and investment consultancy services.

As a Forea client you are supported by our wealth data analysis and consolidated wealth reporting tools.

As members of Forea network the associated real estate specialists, single family offices and global direct investment partners complete our comprehensive family office service and our intra-network model.

Dedicated to working for you.


Shared value

Our mission is to support our clients in wealth management so that our clients can save time and money, while achieving their long – term goals in a timely, efficient, and best professional manner. We are dedicated to building value together with our clients and partners.

Our Team

  • Sami Helminen, Founding Partner
  • Peter Klemola, Founding Partner
  • Perttu Tevanen, Founding Partner
  • Toni Toivola, Client Support Operations
  • Tuomas Pärssinen, Client Support Operations
  • Janne Kotamäki, Real estate Advisor
  • Raimo Sarajärvi, Real estate Advisor
  • Pär-Gustaf Relander, Advisory Council
  • Dr. Stig Gustavson, Advisory Council
  • Olli Pohjanvirta, Advisor
  • Jukka Rannila, Advisor
  • Claude Finckenberg, Advisor
  • Raoul Konnos, Member of the Forea Investment Committee
  • Juuso Mykkänen, Member of the Forea Investment Committee
  • Petri Tuutti, Member of the Forea Investment Committee

Contact us

Please contact us at: office@forea.fi

Kanavaranta 7 E, 00160, Helsinki, Finland